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Why LED?

WHY choose LED lights for vehicles & trailers?

Installing LED lights instead of conventional incandescent lights can have many advantages for you. They are safer, last longer, use less power and are more durable than conventional lights.

Long Life

With LEDs lasting over 100,000 hours compared with just 3,000 hours for normal incandescent bulbs, the reduction in your time checking and replacing lights is a massive time and frustration saver. In fact,the Ultimate LED range of lights are backed with between a 2 to 5-year warranty.

Energy Efficiency

The energy efficiency of LEDs is greatly superior to that of conventional light bulbs which can allow you to have more lights on your trailer and allow you to keep lights (including hazard lights) turned on for longer periods while the main towing vehicle's engine is not running.

Vibration Resistance

Because LEDs don't have the delicate filaments that conventional incandescent bulbs have, they are greatly resistant to shock and vibration. Vibration is a major problem, particularly for smaller, empty trailers that lack shock absorbers and therefore tend to bounce more violently on uneven road surfaces. In Australia, the vibration problem is amplified by the fact that we often have to travel many kilometres on rough unsealed roads. It is therefore a major advantage to install LED trailer lights to overcome the adverse effects of travelling in the tough Australian conditions.

Water Resistance

Conventional glass bulbs are prone to shatter if water gets on them while they are hot. LEDs do not have this problem. Boat trailers with LED lights can be submersed in water without the need to be concerned about blowing your trailer light bulbs. Please note Ultimate LED's submersible LED lights are completely waterproof.

Faster Rise Time

LEDs are much faster to reach full intensity than standard light bulbs and this translates into an added safety benefit for using LEDs for your trailer's stop lights. Standard stop lights take a quarter of a second to reach full intensity whereas their LED counterparts take less than half this time. Therefore, a driver is able to react more quickly to the onset of braking in a vehicle in front if that vehicle is fitted with LED stop lights. Admittedly, we are dealing in mere milliseconds of difference; however, this is sometimes all that is necessary to prevent an accident so rise time is an important consideration when deciding on the type of lights to use on your trailer.

Easy Installation

The Ultimate LED range of lights are easy to install.


When you consider the many advantages and the ease of installation, it is clear that changing over to LED lights is a wise move for you financially, from a safety perspective and for the environment.